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Common Questions

Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries

Missing shingle is a common problem?

On an aged roof or poorly installed roof, it is very common problem even with winds as low as 20-30 mph. Often home owners think that a couple of missing shingles isn't a big deal and doesn't maintain the roof. But missing shingle can expose your felt and decking which later it will be lot more expensive to repair the roof and other valuables inside of home. 

should i repair or replace my roof?

if you have composition shingle that is leaking or worn, you can rest assured we will let you know honestly which way is the best way to proceed with either a repair or complete roof replacement. Often, part of the deciding factor is whether or not you insurance will cover the replacement. Insurance claim approval has many different factor involved like age(condition & brittleness), amount of damage, and each insurance company's approval guideline, etc.

i have leak or missing shingle.

Where do i start?

Contact us to get a Free inspection. if you reach out to us, we will contact you within 24hrs to set up an appointment to come and inspect your roof. after an inspection we can give you an honest opinion on what may need to be done to your roof to correct the issue. Our free inspection is not obligated and we will educate you with the knowledge that we have. so you know what condition your roof is in and what to expect. 

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